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Turbocharge your career by mastering technical skills for today's job market in Semiconductors, Wireless Communications and Machine Learning. Our byte-sized workouts and practice questions are laser-focused on keeping your skills sharp and building your interview chops. 



Helps you refresh your basics for your current job or to prepare for job interviews at Semiconductor companies.



Helps you hone your skills and review the conceptual knowledge expected by wireless and telecom companies. 


Machine Learning

Learn key Machine Learning (ML) and Artifical Intelligence (AI) concepts commonly asked during interviews at major employers. app is designed from the ground up to work seamlessly with your busy professional and personal lives, and to help you learn something meaningful whenever you can, even during short breaks or commutes.

Why Choose

Glad you asked! 
Our mission is to help you excel at your current workplace by keeping your skills sharp, learn new stuff via super-focused short bursts whenever you can, and to get you ready for your next big career move!
We are building to fill the gaps that we struggled with. 


Learn skills for now and future

We are curating the best skill-building and interview preparation resources for semiconductors, wireless and machine learning domains.


Stay sharp and ready for the next opportunity!

Our byte-sized workouts are short yet targeted and built for busy professionals! Got 10 minutes? That's enough to learn something meaningful!


Learn from domain experts

Our content is developed by top experts and hiring managers. We are passionate about learning and are committed to continuously improving our content.


Built with passion at San Francisco, California